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* invented pagan or idol later embraced by various occult writers. The Knights Templar were accused of worshipping the Baphomet deity*. Since 1856 the Sabbatic goat was known as the Baphomet with arms bearing the Latin words ‘solve’ meaning (dissolve) and ‘coagula’ meaning (coagulate) … Continue reading

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Beelzebub / Baalzebub

Beelzebub was derived from the Biblical Philistine god known at Ekron and associated with Baal (the Canaanite god). Theological findings present Beelzebub as one of the seven fallen angels, alongside Satan. Whilst others believe him to be Satan himself, also referred to … Continue reading

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Black Magic

*Black Magic is magic that is associated with the devil or with evil spirits*. Black Magic, also known as Dark Magic or ‘left handed’ magic is used with evil (malevolent) intent. Its counterpart, White Magic, is known as ‘right handed’ … Continue reading

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