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Necromancy / Necromancer

*Conjuring spirits of the dead for purposes of magically revealing the future or influencing a course of events*. Necromancy is the practice of black magic, summoning of the dead, and/or raising them bodily, in order to foretell future events. Also referred … Continue reading

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*In religion the Nephilim are a Hebrew biblical race who lived on the earth in those days*. The Nephilim appeared as giants on earth and mingled with the living who were reverred as demi-gods. They were believed the hybrid children of the … Continue reading

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Non-Denominational Christian

*Non-Denominational Churches of Christianity are congregations who are not self-affiliated with a traditional denomination **Spirits are a very real aspect of Christianity. Many are well aware of the continuous spiritual warfare taking place every day in the spiritual realms. The Bible stated that … Continue reading

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