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Debunk / Debunked

*To show that something (such as a belief or theory) is not true. To prove as being false. To expose a sham or falseness*. Boise City Ghost Hunters will always primarily attempt to debunk paranormal claims by way of natural explanation by … Continue reading

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*An evil spirit [angels and demons = devils]. A source or agent of evil, harm, distress or ruin. Demons of drug and alcohol addiction. Demons of childhood. Caused or done by a demon. Demonic possession. An evil spirit. Only in … Continue reading

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*Demonic is indicative or suggestive of a demon*. The word demonic is relates to characterisitics of demons and/or evil entities.  Often described as fiercely evil. Possession. Demonic. *Britannica/Merriam-Webster

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Dae-mon-ol-o-gy *Demonology is the study of demons, their heirarchy, and evil*. Demons are believed to be nonhuman, separable souls, or discarnate spirits (who have never inhabited a body). The belief in demons, a doctrine of evil spirits. *

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Diablo / Devil

dee-ah-bloh di-ab-los (Spanish) meaning devil. The devil named Azmodan (Hebrew name Asmodai) is known as the Lord of Sin and Terror who leads demonic hordes, assaulting angels and mortals alike.  He is primarily the demon of lust. Diablo is known … Continue reading

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di·a·bol·i·cal *unpleasant, bad, evil*. The word diabolical is used to describe evil in its fullest form. It is said that Satan himself is the very embodiment of the diabolical. *Britannica characteristic of the Devil, or so evil as to be suggestive of … Continue reading

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Digital Voice Recorder

Digital Voice Recorders are handheld audio recorders an investigator carries around with them on an investigation. Sometimes Digital Voice Recorders are placed in areas with audible activity for the duration of an investigation.  Digital Voice Recorders are great when conducting … Continue reading

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*Disembodied spirit – not attached to a body. Coming from a person who cannot be seen. Disembodied voices coming over the speakers. Spiritual, immaterial*. Disembodied voices are often reported as being audibly detected at supposed haunted locations and are believed to be … Continue reading

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*Divination is a practice which seeks to foresee the future, discover hidden knowledge, usually by way of omens and the aid of supernatural powers. An intuitive perception*. The word ‘divination’ derives from the Latin word ‘divinare’ meaning to ‘prophecy’ or … Continue reading

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*Divine means proceeding directly from God*. Divine love, divine inspiration, divine intervention. The sacred, powerful, core of existence. Holy and perfect. *Britannica/Merriam-Webster

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