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Haunted Objects / Items

*Exploration in the field of objects and possible energy attachment*. Haunted objects are artefacts and/or items are believed to retain residual spirit energy. *

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*An act of haunting. Visitation or inhabitation by a ghost.* There are three classifications of hauntings, residual, human (intelligent) and non human (demonic). Residual hauntings play out like a record on repeat, over and over again, retracing steps taken in life. Human (intelligent) … Continue reading

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*a nether world in which the dead continue to exist, also called Hades. A realm of the devil and demons where condemned individuals suffer everlasting punishment*. Hell is the place foretold where torture and punishment is admonished after death and … Continue reading

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A hex is an intentional, malicious, curse or spell befalling misfortune on one or more individuals. A hex may be also classed as witchcraft or magic.

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Horus / Eye Of Horus

*Horus is an ancient Egyptian deity/god often depicted as a man with a peregrine falcon head. The Eye of Horus ‘eye’ is a symbol of protection and is recognized in occult symbology*. *

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