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*An incantation is a spell, witchcraft, a formula which triggers effect. This formula may be audibly spoken or sung or even chanted, and performed during ceremonial ritual. It is believed that incantations are performed by witches, wizards and fae folk (fairies)*. *Wikipedia

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An incubus is a male demon or supernatural entity who manifests in dreams with the intention of arousing and seducing women. These demons will actively attempt to engage in sexual activity with females. *Supernatural being, the male version of a succubus*. Repeated … Continue reading

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*Infrared light is also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and is invisible to the human eye encompassing wavelengths from 1 millimeter (300GHz) to the red edge of the visible spectrum 700 nanometers (430THz)*. *Wikipedia

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*a non human class of being*. Inhuman spirits are exactly what the name implies. These spirits are inhuman and have never been a human. They exist as an entity of their own. Some claim that inhuman spirits are demons or evil spirits … Continue reading

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Intelligent Haunt

Intelligent (human) hauntings are believed to be spirits of the deceased and are usually non malevolent (benevolent) in nature. Intelligent hauntings have been known to readily interact with the living, may physically move things, touch, speak, respond and communicate.

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Invocation / Invoke

*to call forth, to conjur, to petition for help, to invoke*. The word ‘invocation’ is originally from the Latin word ‘invocare’ which means ‘to call upon’. *Merriam-Webster

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