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*An opening, entrance, introduction*. There are specific haunted locations believed to be gateways to the supernatural realm. *Merriam-Webster

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*A disembodied soul*. Ghosts are believed to be the spirits of those who have passed on which are usually encountered by way of apparition manifestation. *Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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Ghost Box

The Ghost Box/Spirit Box is a device that scans radio frequencies to create a white noise environment.  Theory suggest that the white noise produced from the device provides a spirit or entity enough energy to be heard.  This occurs by … Continue reading

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Ghost Hunter(s)

A person or a group of people that set out to investigate, research, and document evidence of the paranormal.  There are two main styles of ghost hunting… Groups or Individuals that set out to scientifically disprove a haunting Groups or … Continue reading

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grim-wahr *A grimoire is referred to as a magicians manual*. A grimoire is known as a detailed spells book containing sacred texts recording written instructions on rituals used to contact spirits, angels, demons, spells (tools and their ingredients). *Merriam-Webster

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