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an·​thro·​po·​mor·​phism *a characteristic interpretation of what is not human (humanism). Traditional illustriations of anthropomorphism/characters have been used for centuries in childrens books*. *Merriam-Webster

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*Antichrist means one who denies or opposes Christ. A great antagonist expected to fill the world with wickedness but to be conquered forever by Christ at His second coming. The ultimate enemy of Christ*. King James Bible references:- [1 John … Continue reading

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apol-lyon The Prince of Darkness Satan *the destroyer; the angel of the bottomless pit; Abaddon. Revelation 9:11.

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*A ghost or spirit of a dead person. People say there are ghostly apparitions [ghosts/phantoms] in this house. The soul of a dead person thought of especially as appearing to living people. An unusual or unexpected sight. A ghostly figure*. … Continue reading

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Fallen angel/Prince of demons of (lust) with earthly missions alongside Azazel (revealer of hidden knowledge), Ramiel (divine visions) and Dagon (Philistine god).  

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*The word astral denotes a persons spirit, as opposed to physical body and/or consisting of supernatural substance*. Also relates to astral study.  A telescope may be used to study the astral objects in the sky. *Britannica

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*An aura is described as a special quality or feeling that seems to emit from a person, place, or thing. A distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source*. Auras are not usually detectable by human eye yet many psychics claim they are … Continue reading

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* invented pagan or idol later embraced by various occult writers. The Knights Templar were accused of worshipping the Baphomet deity*. Since 1856 the Sabbatic goat was known as the Baphomet with arms bearing the Latin words ‘solve’ meaning (dissolve) and ‘coagula’ meaning (coagulate) … Continue reading

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Beelzebub / Baalzebub

Beelzebub was derived from the Biblical Philistine god known at Ekron and associated with Baal (the Canaanite god). Theological findings present Beelzebub as one of the seven fallen angels, alongside Satan. Whilst others believe him to be Satan himself, also referred to … Continue reading

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Black Magic

*Black Magic is magic that is associated with the devil or with evil spirits*. Black Magic, also known as Dark Magic or ‘left handed’ magic is used with evil (malevolent) intent. Its counterpart, White Magic, is known as ‘right handed’ … Continue reading

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