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A succubus is a female demon or supernatural entity who manifests in dreams with the intention of arousing and seducing men. These demons will actively attempt to engage in sexual activity with males. *Supernatural being, the female version of an incubus*. Repeated succubus attacks … Continue reading

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Sulphur Crosses

Occult symbology. The black Sulphur Crosses are three satanic symbols denoting Sulphur, Phosphorous and Brimstone (associated with the fires of hell). Also recognized as Satans, and Leviathans, crosses.

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*To summon means to issue a call, to convene, to call forth, often by incantation or by way of conjuring*. *Merriam-Webster

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su-per-nat-u-ral *an order of existence beyond the natural universe, relates to spirits, gods, devils and invisible forces and unnatural, inhuman supernatural speeds* *Merriam-Webster

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*an irrational attitude of mind towards supernatural superstition or philosophical perspective with no rational substance. A belief, practice or fear of the unknown. Superstition is a trust in magic or chance, or a false conception*.

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